Employee Issues

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A Job to Die For, By Lisa Cullen 

While headlines scream about consumer safety, as they did over the tire recall following the deaths of some 123 drivers in car accidents, Lisa Cullen reveals scant attention is paid to a far bigger problem. 


In gripping narratives bristling with horrifying statistics, Cullen reveals: 

  • 165 Americans die from occupational diseases while 18 more die from work-related injuries, EVERYDAY

  • More than 36,400 non-fatal and 3,200 work- related illnesses will occur in America's workplaces EVERYDAY.

  • The workplace extends into communities to claim the lives of 218 bystanders and injure 68,000 EVERY YEAR

  • 7.1% of workers are injured or made ill on the job EVERY YEAR

  • The cost of this carnage and disease tops $155.5 billion annually; five times the cost of AIDS, three times the cost for Alzheimer's, and nearly as much as cancer.


Continuous Trauma, By Michael Eric Stein  

CONTINUOUS TRAUMA is a searing legal and psychological suspense drama that's also an expose of corrupt worker's compensation and health care practices that endanger the health and welfare of thousands of Americans. It's a story based on actual case histories and on events that could happen to any of us, at any time.


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